AC Tune-Up and Repair in Paola, KS

When the summer heat gets to be too much, Paola residents deserve to have a home they can retreat to where they can cool down. In most cases, that means shutting the windows and turning on the AC. The thing is, modern air conditioning systems are quite complex. It takes professional maintenance, tune-ups, and occasional repairs to keep them operating as intended.

Don’t get stuck battling the heat without a working AC. Read on to find out how an Air Conditioning service can help homeowners avoid unexpected system failures and resolve any issues that do arise during the hottest months of the year.

The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Experts recommend scheduling professional air conditioning tune-ups in Paola every spring before the temperatures start to rise. Scheduling routine inspections and preventative maintenance is an affordable way to avoid unexpected AC failures, and the best part is, the visit will pay for itself over the course of the year. A tuned-up air conditioner uses up to 15% less power than a poorly maintained AC unit, which means homeowners will pay less on their monthly energy bills.

AC tune-ups and can also help homeowners save money on repairs. During the annual visit, a technician will inspect each component in the system, lubricate moving parts, replace worn components, and help clients identify small issues before they escalate into serious, costly problems. The overall effect will be a more efficient unit that uses less electricity and experiences lower levels of premature wear.

Air Conditioning Repairs

When any one of the many moving parts in an AC system fails, it can cause the unit to break down. Diagnosing the underlying cause of AC failures isn’t always easy. In many cases, a combination of factors may be at play. The good news is, a qualified Air Conditioning repair technician can quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and recommend cost-effective solutions for getting the unit back online.

Common AC Issues

Some homeowners wait until their AC units break down completely to call for help. That’s a mistake. Keeping an eye out for warning signs of trouble to come and calling for Cooling Services immediately will improve the family’s comfort and, in many cases, help keep repair costs low. Here’s what to look for.

Insufficient Cold Air

Central AC systems generate cool air in one location, then use ductwork to move it throughout the house. If the system seems to be operating as intended but isn’t providing sufficient cool air to maintain comfortable temperatures, there are a few underlying problems that could be to blame. They include dirty filters, frozen coils, bad fan motors, and undersized units.

Water Leaks

AC units generate condensation, and that condensation is supposed to be routed into a drain line for removal from the living areas. If that drain line gets backed up, it can cause the water to overflow into the home. Cleaning and repairing condensate drain lines is an easy job for a trained technician, but it’s not a job that homeowners should try to perform themselves. Turn the unit off and call a professional for help.

Fan Issues

Air conditioning systems use fans to move cooled air throughout the home. When they stop working, the temperatures start to rise and the unit may run continuously without making much of a dent in the heat. Fan issues can be caused by frozen coils, bad capacitors or fan belts, dirt, rust, or electrical issues. An AC technician can diagnose the underlying problem and resolve it quickly to restore clients’ comfort.

AC Won’t Turn On

If the unit won’t turn on at all, there are a few things to try before calling a technician. First, make sure the thermostat is set correctly and has good batteries. If that doesn’t work, clean or replace the air filter. If the unit still won’t turn on, it’s time to call a professional. The problem could be with a stuck fan relay, a bad thermostat, or a short in the system. All of these problems can usually be easily resolved by an AC technician.

When to Consider AC Replacement

Not sure if it’s worth continuing to repair an aging AC unit? As a general rule, units that are more than ten years old, are undersized given the family’s current climate control needs, or will require repairs that cost more than half the price of a new air conditioner aren’t worth repairing. When in doubt, schedule an inspection and ask for a professional opinion about the cost of repairs versus replacement.

Schedule a Service Visit

Whether homeowners just want their air conditioners tuned up before summer or they already know the units need repair, they need to find a trustworthy AC service. Environmental Systems Heating & Cooling offers all the Cooling Services Paola homeowners need this season. Give them a call at (913) 294-2707 to schedule repairs or preventative maintenance.