Duct Cleaning in Paola, KS

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Different kinds of maintenance are required to help keep all your climate control systems running well. In addition to servicing your heating and cooling system units, it is also important to consider what kind of maintenance other parts of your system need.

Why Are My Air Ducts Important?

Even if you’re following recommended schedules for air conditioning and heating systems unit maintenance, like recharging freon in your air conditioner or checking for carbon monoxide leaks from your furnace, your system may not be running as efficiently as it could be.

The ducts that carry air from your heating system and air conditioner have a significant impact on the overall quality of your HVAC system because all the air that circulates through your home must pass through your ducts first

How Do I Know If I Should Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

If you’ve noticed that the temperature throughout your home is inconsistent beyond what can be explained by basic concepts like heat rising or the distance of a room from the furnace, the culprit may not be your furnace or air conditioning unit itself. There’s a real possibility that the reason your climate control isn’t working properly lies in the air duct system and you’ll need duct services.

Certain conditions and events in a home make air duct cleaning more crucial than it would be normally. If you’ve recently completed a renovation or addition there will be considerable amounts of dust and particulates from construction materials settled inside your air ducts, even in areas far from the parts of the home that were actively being worked on. Households of smokers and those with pets will certainly benefit from regular air duct cleanings. Homes that have recently suffered from water or fire damage should be sure to include air duct cleanings in their restoration and clean-up plans, as both fires and floods can cause air ducts to fill with dust and other debris. Insulated duct systems in particular should be checked for mold if they’ve been compromised by water.

What Benefits Will Air Duct Cleaning Have?

Taking advantage of professional Duct Cleaning Services will help clear debris and particulates from your air ducts in a way that you simply cannot do on your own. If your air ducts are dirty, this could create difficulty for the air passing through. Severely dirty air ducts, like ones that are visibly clogged, may even put undue strain on your forced air systems. By clearing the debris that accumulates on the surfaces inside your air ducts, you allow air to move more freely and efficiently and ensure that every room in your home is receiving its maximum benefit from your heating and cooling systems.

Cleaning your air ducts may lead to improved indoor air quality since particulates that would have been in your air ducts will no longer make their way out of the ducts and into your home. If anyone in your home suffers from respiratory sensitivities such as asthma, this could mean a significant improvement for their health and quality of life.

What Should I Expect From a Duct Cleaning?

Any reputable duct cleaning service will start by inspecting your ducts to determine whether or not cleaning is necessary. If the inspection results indicate your ducts need clearing, the process usually begins at your furnace, whose elements will be thoroughly cleaning before a specialized, high-powered vacuum is attached to the ductwork. Compressed air will be pushed through the system to loosen particles stuck on your ducts’ services; these particles will then be sucked into the vacuum. Once all the particulates inside the ducts have been cleared, the servicer will reseal any access points they used to ensure that your system continues to run properly. Expect to see registers and vents cleaned as well.

Companies that offer Cooling Services and Heating Services may also offer air duct cleanings. If you have a company you’ve enjoyed working with in the past, ask if they offer duct cleanings as well; working with professionals who are already familiar with your home’s HVAC system makes the process that much smoother.

Any professional duct cleaning service will leave your home cleaner than when they entered; any dust they remove from the air ducts should be taken with them, not left on surfaces throughout your home.

If you’re ready to take the next step in maintaining your HVAC system, contact Environmental Systems Heating and Cooling to set up your inspection and schedule your cleaning.