Furnace Installation in Paola, KS

There’s nothing as frustrating as a home’s furnace that stops working in the middle of a cold season. A malfunctioning heater has the potential to cause frozen and bursting water pipes. That’s why it pays to contact reliable professionals from Environmental Systems Heating & Cooling to find the right solutions in times of need.

Energy-efficient furnaces require the expertise of a pro to install and service them correctly. An experienced technician can quickly note a problem, figure out a fix, and offer durable repair or replacement. Is your home equipped with efficient heating systems? If you need an upgrade, consult Heating Services that deal with reliable products like Carrier heat pumps and furnaces. Their appliances are among the most energy-efficient in the world.

Common Furnace Problems

The heating device is only effective when its many parts are working in tandem. Furnaces comprise fans, sensors, motors, gas valves, flame rectification mechanisms, bearings, igniters, and controls. The whole system can fail if one component ceases to function. The most common causes of furnace failure are:

    • Impeded airflow from the blower
    • Defective thermostat
    • Clogged filters
    • Burners not lighting up
    • Blower not switching off
    • Ignition issues on the pilot light

Replace or Repair the Furnace?

It is crucial to know when to repair a heating appliance or get a replacement system to save money, time, and possible frustrations. To help owners make the right decision, a furnace expert has to reckon with various factors. Replacement becomes the most suitable option if:

    • You currently have an old, energy-hungry furnace
    • The cost of repair exceeds that of a complete replacement
    • The furnace fails to heat the entire home adequately
    • You have requested too many repairs recently
    • The system has served your household for more than 12 years
    • A repair cannot keep the old furnace up and running

What Type of Furnace Do You Need?

With appliances as reliable as Goodman’s, professional installation is necessary to keep it in good shape. An independent contractor works with you to custom design a mechanism that meets your house’s heating requirements, no matter the size, layout, or style. Apart from the initial installation, you can count on them to keep the furnace operating at peak performance. You may have one of these:


Single-speed or single-stage furnace operates in one stage, i.e., high. It continuously generates the maximum heat level regardless of the outdoor climate or the particular room. The model may not be the most efficient but has the least expensive upfront cost.


This type of heater is designed to work in both low and high capacity. Compared to the single-speed model, the two-stage design is more efficient, heating a home at an efficiency level of 80% or better. Get this if you are looking for consistent heat dispensation throughout the house.


As the name suggests, the variable-speed furnace functions at different speed levels and is the most efficient design in the market. It can effectively control heat flow around your home, using less energy in the process. While it is more expensive to install, it saves you significant amounts of energy costs in the long run.

What is the Right Furnace Size?

There are many options to choose from as far as heater installation is concerned. All you need is to talk to an experienced professional to help you get the right furnace size for your home while considering your budget. Once you are satisfied with the choice, the installer gets to work immediately to replace the old appliance with a new one. Replacing an old, inefficient system saves you a significant budget on energy bills. An accomplished team is ready to come wherever you are in Kansas and determine your household energy needs to help you get the most appropriate boiler.

British Thermal Unit (BTU)

The metric used to calibrate a furnace’s heat output is known as the BTU. Many homeowners buy heaters based on the BTU rating. Some pick a higher rating to get the optimum heating, while others the lowest rating to save money. However, this is not a reasonable basis for selecting a boiler. Suppose you have a big house with poor insulation and old windows. If you choose a low BTU furnace, it will be cycling too frequently and wear out sooner.

Again, a high BUT increase the energy demand as it runs at a high frequency, but it may not suffice to heat the whole house in wintertime. To make the best decision, consult a furnace professional to figure out the Manual J Load of your home and give you the way forward on the BTU rating to settle for.

There is no one-size-fits-all model as far as electric and gas furnaces go. Ask the experts to give you the version that is tailored to your home for the ultimate comfort.

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